The Demands for Outpatient Care in Private Hospitals

Abstract: Improvement of per capita income will boost the demand for outpatient care and lead enhanced expectation of service quality of hospital. People perceived that private hospital has better services than public hospital. Based on these, we assumed that private hospital users have particular characteristics. This study aimed to investigate factors associated with utilization of private hospitals for outpatient care and who get the benefits, the rich or the poor. This study used data of 42,540 respondents from IFLS-4 collected in 2007. Analyses showed the higher the income the higher the demand. Insured’s groups have higher demand than uninsured. Demand analyses revealed that increased price of private hospital caused higher demand. This evidence indicated that outpatient care of private hospital was perceived as luxuries goods. However increased price of public hospital did not influence the demand of private hospital. It is indicate that private hospital has different type with patients of public hospital. It means that the two types of hospital comprise different segment of patients. The rich benefited more outpatient care in private hospital than the poor. It implies that the government should enforced Ministry of Health’s regulation on hospital social function.
Keywords: demand, elasticity, outpatient care, private hospital
Penulis: Pujiyanto
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd120359

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