ABSTRACT: Malnutrition in developing countries ( 47-50 % ) is higher as compared to developed countries is 20-46 % . Some research results reinforce that opinion , where theprevalence of malnutrition in patients new entry in Latin America shows 50.2 points and 3 major hospitals in Indonesia ( Sardjito hospital Yogyakarta , Sanglah hospital Bali, Jamil hospital Padang) reported 56.9 % .
The results showed a significant increase in albumin levels in patients who received postoperative dietary extra filtrate cork fish . Increase in serum albumin was also no adverse effect to the increase in blood triglycerides . As research results Suprayitno et al. (2003 ) , showed that administration of filtrate cork fish can increase levels of serum albumin and a new wound healing scar . A set of case studies , providing extra information that the administration menu filtrate cork fish was positively correlated with increased levels of albumin and wound healing process . Increased levels of albumin , patients who have an extra menu filtrate cork fish are relatively higher than white eggs.
The problems of the study is how the effectiveness of catfish protein in patients with hypoalbuminemia indication . Benefits of this research include: to provide a new alternative in the management of diet especially in patients with hypoalbuminemia indication .
This research uses a quasi-experimental design of pre and post test , this study will provide an overview of the effectiveness of cork fish protein in patients with hypoalbuminemia indication . The experiment was conducted in the department of Prof.  Dr. . R.D. Kandou Manado in July - September 2013 . The population in this study were all patients with hypoalbuminemia indications shown by the results of laboratory tests . Of the subjects in this study 16 patients with criteria for men and women , cooperative , and approved informed consent and the approval of the hospital and ethics committee the Ministry of Health polytechnic Manado . Subjects using the technique of determining subjective instrument global assessment ( SGA ). Processing and data analysis using univariate analysis to determine the characteristics of the frequency distribution of the variable . Bivariate test by using a paired t - test . Then followed by a multivariate analysis using linear regression .The results are significant differences in albumin before and albumin after intervention with - average increase of 0.31 mg / dl . Multivariate test variables explained that the effect of the intake of energy , protein , fat and duration of cork fish nuggets on levels of albumin by 60 % , the rest is influenced by other variables not amined .
Conclusion there are differences in initial levels of albumin and albumin levels after the end of the intervention, and no catfish nugget effect of the increase in albumin levels of patients with hypoalbuminemia
Keywords: Protein Fish Cork (Ophiocephalus striatus), hypoalbuminemia patients
Penulis: Vera T. Harikedua, Rivolta G. M. Walalangi, dan Olfie Sahelangi
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd140512

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