Suplementasi Hormon Gonadotropin Pada Medium Maturasi In Vitro Untuk Meningkatkan Perkembangan Embrio Stadium 4 Sel Kambing Bligon

Abstract: The study was carried out to investigate the effect of gonadotropin hormone supplementation into in vitro maturation medium on maturation, fertilization and embryo development of Bligon goats. This research steps consist of oocyte collection, in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization, and in vitro embryo development. At the maturation stage the oocyte that had been collected and divided into two groups based on the maturation medium, that was tissue culture medium (TCM) with supplementation of GnRH 0 IU/mL and GnRH 25 IU/mL. Oocyte and embryo morphology data were analyzed descriptively. Maturation rate and embryo development data were analyzed by using independent sample t-test. Fertilization data was analyzed descriptively. The result showed the percentages of mature oocytes from gonadotropin supplementation of 0 IU/mL and 25 IU/mL were 54.10±25.97 and 54.89±26.44%, respectively. Expansion cumulus cells surrounding the oocytes might indicated the mature oocytes. Cleavage rate of the 2 cells stage were 13,02±11,09 and 27,01±16,65%; respectively, and for the 4 cells stage were 10,16±10,01% and 16,67±14.91%. Embryos obtained from the treatment, indicated uniform of blastomeres in the size, tight, compact, intact, and round-spherical shape. It could be concluded that supplementation of gonadotropin hormone into in vitro maturation medium could not increase the rate of oocyte maturation and 4 cell embryo development, but it could increase 2 cell embryo development of Bligon goats. Hormone supplementation could improved the maturation and embryo quality.
Keywords: Bligon goats; Embryo development; Gonadotropin hormone; In vitro fertilization
Penulis: Dewi Pranatasari, Kustono, Diah Tri Widayati
Kode Jurnal: jppeternakandd160073

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