Renal cortex echogenicity increases degree of retinopathy in diabetes mellitus

Abstract: The number of people with diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing due to population growth, aging, and increasing prevalence of obesity. Diabeticretinopathy and diabetic nephropathy are two main complications of DM. Some studies suggest a correlation between diabetic nephropathy and diabetic retinopathy. However, other studies found that renal cortex echogenicity is associated with chronicity of kidney disease and renalhistopathology. The aim of this study was to determine whether there is a correlation between renal cortex echogenicity as determined by renal ultrasonography and degree of retinopathy as determined by funduscopy in subjects with DM.
A cross sectional study was conducted on 41 DM subjects from September to November 2014. Data obtained by anamnesis, physical examination,and examination of ureum, creatinine, urinalysis, glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), renal and urinary tract ultrasonography and funduscopy, were collected from all subjects. Blood samples were taken from the median cubital vein for biochemical measurements using COBAS automated analyzers. Normality of data distribution was tested using the ShapiroWilk test. To determine the relationship between variables the Spearman correlation test was used.
Using the Spearman correlation test, a strongly significant correlation was found between degree of renal cortex echogenicity and degree of retinopathy (r=0.773; p=0.0001). A significant relationship was also found for the degree of retinopathy with age (r=0.317; p=0.044), duration of diabetes mellitus (r=0.639; p=0.0001) and HbA1c (r=0.681; p=0.001).
This study found that renal cortex echogenicity increased the degree of diabetic retinopathy in diabetic subjects. Renal ultrasonography for patients with type 2 DM has a great role in diagnosing and grading diabeticretinopathy.
Keywords: Renal cortex echogenicity, retinopathy, subjects with diabetes mellitus
Author: Indah Maulidawati, Abdurrahim Rasyid Lubis, and Dharma Lindarto
Journal Code: jpkedokterangg160028

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