Prevalence of Hypertension in School and College Students

Abstract: In Indonesia, the onset of hypertension has been observed in younger populations. Previous studies showed that hypertension occurred in adolescence, even in childhood. This cross sectional study aimed to provide a population-based estimation of hypertension prevalence and risk factors among school and college students in Surabaya, Indonesia. Using mercu-ry sphygmomanometer blood pressure was measured in 335 participants grouped into 5-9, 10- 14, 15- 19, and 20-26 years of age. The prevalence data was linked to sex, age, body mass index (BMI), and a family history of diabetes and/ or cardiovascular disease. Hypertension in children was determined according to the Update on the Task Force Report (2004) and to the JNC-7 for other participants. Thirty one (9.3%) participants had developed hypertension. Hypertension prevalence tended to increase with age from 0% at 5-9 years and 8.1% at 10-14 years to 15.2% at 20-26 years. Hypertension developed in 18 males and 13 females. Aged more than 20 years and family history of heart disease were significant risk fac-tors for hypertension. Other factors, such as BMI and a family history of di-abetes, were not significant. Malnutrition among children in golden age (0-5 years) plays major role in increasing future risk of hypertension. Routine hypertension screening should be done in young adults aged 20 years in this country.
Keywords: mcollege students; hypertension; students; mahasiswa; hipertensi; pelajar
Penulis: Djoko Santoso
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd130562

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