Pemahaman Konsep Keluarga Sehat Sakit Melalui Pendekatan Struktural Fungsional; review literatur

Abstrak: The purpose of this paper is to explain the concept of ill-healthy family through the structural functional paradigm. The background of this paper is the less of a clean and healthy lifestyle behavior that can cause various health problems, such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, malnutrition, and others. It will cause health problems in the future if we ignore this condition. One of the reasons is lack of understanding in the concept of ill-healthy families. It caused by various factors, including the family environmental factor. Source data from this study is the literature and relevant research results. The result of the synthesis data shows that the functional structural approach is a good way to understanding the ill-healthy family concept in general because family is a system that has a social system structure and function. It can be concluded that the structural functional approach can explain the concept of ill-healthy family in terms of structure and function in society.
Kata Kunci: Keluarga, Sehat Sakit, Struktural Fungsional
Penulis: musrifatul uliyah
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd100039

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