Lifetime Musical Activities and Cognitive Function of the Elderly

Abstract: Decreasing cognitive function of the elderly is one of the most common problems that might affect their quality of life. Music is an element that is  believed to be able to contribute to the quality of life of the elderly. However, whether musical activities that are done throughout the life span related to cognitive function is unclear. In this research, we evaluated the association between lifetime musical activities and cognitive function. Fifty three older adults from three nursing homes in East Jakarta were selected and interviewed regarding their characteristics and lifetime musical activities. Cognitive function was also measured using Mini Mental State Examinaion (MMSE). The results of this preliminary study revealed that a possibility of an association between lifetime musical activities and cognitive function of the elderly was indicated. The result also showed that the participants who were not actively involved in musical activities during their lifetime were twice more likely to develop cognitive function impairment than the elderly who were actively involved in musical activities, after being adjusted by the characteristics. These correlational results suggest the beneficial effect of musical activities throughout the life span on cognitive functioning for the elderly.
Keywords: aging; elderly; cognitive function; music; penuaan; lanjut usia; fungsi kognitif; musik
Penulis: Alicia Nevriana, Pandu Riono, Tri Budi W. Rahardjo, Adji Kusumadjati
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd130498

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