Abstrak: Documentation has an important role in the nursing process. One of the things which should be documented in the nursing process is the direct nursing care to the patient.
The treatment of this study is analyzing the correlation between direct nursing interventions with the nursing care documentation. The research design uses observational analytical inferential hypothesis. Out of the entire 15 nurses in the in-patient ward of District General Hospital (RSUD) Pamekasan, 9 were taken as respondents by using simple random sampling.
All the data was gathered using observation sheets, an then analyzed by using sperman rank statistics test with the significance degree α ≤ 0,05.
The result of the statistics research show the value (r) of -0,800 and the value (p) of 0,010. the (r) value demonstrates the degree of the correlation between the correlations  between direct nursing interventions to the client with the nursing care documentation belongs to the high category. The negative (r) value demonstrates the reverse correlation, meaning that if the direct nursing intervention increases, then documentation decreases. The (p) value = 0.010 < α 0,005, which means there is significant correlation between the amount of direct nursing intervention with the nursing care documentation.
The time of the nurse to do direct nursing intervention belong to average to high category. And the documentation. Of nursing intervention belong to adequate category. This is caused by the high level of mobility, the unbalance ratio of nurse and patient and the absence of a clear job description as well. Therefore, there should be further quantity-based research on the direct nursing intervention ( the human resources and the treatment).
Key words: Direct nursing, Documentation, Time
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