ABSTRACT: Infants under five years old (Toddlers) is one of the goals posyandu quite important, because a toddler is a sizeable proportion of the composition of the population of Indonesia, so the analysis of the factors that encourage mothers to visit keposyandu needs to be done (MOH, RI 2007) .Ibu which do not weigh their babies to Posyandu terpantaunya can cause growth and development of infants. Toddlers are not weighed consecutive nutritional risk situation deteriorated so impaired growth (MOH, 2006). The purpose of this study to determine the factors associated with the level of participation of the community to visit keposyandu, in the village Lahendong South Tomohon sub district
This research is a survey research with descriptive approach. Number of samples 45 people, the study was conducted in South Tomohon sub district KelurahanLahendong for 1 week.Respondents in this study were mothers with young children and mothers who are willing to become respondents, data collection in this study by using a questionnaire. The results showed the majority of toddlers rarely below to Posyandu, that there are as many (75.6%) infants were not under posyandu faithful bbulan. Factors influencing that there is one factor age, maternal age, maternal education, and the role of cadres Posyandu distance. Based on the research results also in the know that of all five factors that most influence on people's participation, namely age, maternal age, and distance posyandu.
Keywords: Public Participation, IHC
Penulis: Rivolta G.M. Walalangi, Henry S. Imbar, dan Greyti Wuisang
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd140507

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