Abstract: Schizophrenia is a disease that affects the brain and causes the mind, perception, emotion, movement and behavior of strange and disturbed. Anger is a nagging feeling that arises as a response to anxiety that is felt as an individual threat. Hit the pillow technique is a technique to vent anger in a constructive energy to the mall adaptive behavior into adaptive behavior. This technique is used in patients who have a risk of violent behavior, and can be used when patients experienced an increase in emotional status (angry). As a way of striking a pillow in a sitting position, put a pillow in her lap, take a deep breath, hold it and then detained for a moment, hands clenched and hit the pillow at full speed. Study Objectives: To determine the effect of hitting the pillow technique to change the status of emotions: angry client category of acute schizophrenia. The study design: The design in this study using this type of study design Quasy Experimental Design with Two Group Pretest-Posttes with comparison or control group. Samples from this study were drawn 16 respondents in the treatment group and 16 control group respondents. The instrument used was the observation sheet.
Research: p-value in the treatment group and the control of 0.000 and 0.008 (p <0.05) so that may mean that there are significant differences in the level of emotion between the before and after treatment hitting the pillow in the control group and treatment. However, the significance value is close to perfect in the treated group, it means hitting the pillow technique influential in lowering the status of emotions: anger at the client schizophrenia
Conclusion: The provision of a pillow hitting techniques influential in the decline of the status of emotions: anger at the client schizophrenia in the psychiatric hospital of Dr. RMSoedjarwadi Region of Central Java Province.
Keywords: Mechanical hitting Pillows, Status Emotions (Anger), Schizophrenia
Penulis: Retno Yuli Hastuti
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd140416

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