Abstract: Chicken meat is poultry meat has high nutritional value. Meat chickens are easily damaged by physical impact or microbial activity, requiring precise handling that chicken can be stored longer. Ensuring the quality and safety of chicken meat plays an important role for the safety and health of consumers. Chain of technical, operational and management affect the quality of meat produced. Microbiological contaminants is one cause of reduced quality of chicken meat even be unsafe for consumption. Microbial contamination or spoilage pathogens causing protein degradation is the breakdown of proteins into simpler molecules such as amino acids that causes cells to become damaged or rotten meat.
Research carried on in the laboratory of Food Microbiology Department of Nutrition polytechnic Kemenkes Manado, June to September 2012. Design research is an experimental laboratory with organoleptic and microbiological tests.
The results showed that lettuce effective solution to inhibit microbial growth in chicken meat spoilage or damage. However, in contrast to organoleptic tests where the results indicate the presence of irregularities in terms of aroma, color and texture. It can be concluded that an effective solution to a long fermentation lettuce shelf life, but are less effective preservative used as an alternative in terms of color, flavor and texture of chicken meat. As a suggestion this research can still be continued in other foodstuffs that require alternative natural preservative.
Keywords: Fermentation Solution Lettuce, Chicken Meat
Penulis: Rivolta G.M. Walalangi
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd130518

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