District Health Information System on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health How Good Is It? A Case of Deli Serdang and Sumedang Districts

Abstract: Valid data and information are critical for any health programs, in particular for planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes. District Health Information System is designed to produce routine data on process and output type of indicators at district level. This study, taking place at Deli Serdang and Sumedang districts, has its objectives as to learn about the current practice of DHIS, specifically looking at its process and the availability, quality and utilization of the  data. Methods of data collection include in-depth interview with stakeholders at village, health facility and district levels, examination of existing forms at all levels as well as other documents and reports. Findings suggest that weaknesses of DHIS prevail at each level of the system. Complexity of the system has produced inaccurate and suboptimal the use of generated data and information.
Key words: District health information system, inaccurate data and information
Penulis: Anhari Achadi
Kode Jurnal: jpkesmasdd100181

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