Could CD8/38 Predict Virological Response to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in HIV Infected Patients?

Abstract: The success rate of ART depends on the efficacy of the drug and the immune system’s ability to control virus replication. Viral load examination is a standard test for ART monitoring. Unfortunately, this test is still very limited, especially in Indonesia. CD38 expression has been studied as a predictor for disease progression and decreases once ART is initiated. The aim of this study was to identify the possible usage of declining CD8/38 T-cell percentages in predicting VL. 45 subjects na├»ve to ART were evaluated in this observational analytic study with a prospective design. Data collected included the medical history, physical examination, WHO clinical staging, complete blood counts, CD4 cell count, and plasma VL. These data then reevaluated 6 months after ART initiation. A paired T-Test, and correlation test were used to analyze the data. Significant differences were found in all of the laboratory parameters between pre and post ART. There was a weak significant positive correlation between declining CD8/38 T-cell percentages and declining VL after 6 months of ART (r=0.33; p=0.026), with r2= 0,11. Therefore despite the linear relationship, CD38 has limited value for prediction of VL.
Keywords: Viral load, immune activation, CD8/38 T cells, ART, HIV
Author: Umi S. Intansari, Yanri W Subronto, Yunika Puspa Dewi, Adika Zhulhi Arjana, Mohammad Juffrie, Marsetyawan HNE Soesatyo, Budi Mulyono
Journal Code: jpkedokterangg150358

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