ABSTRAK: Complementary feeding of breast milk in, infant aged less than 6 months occured because the mother assumes that MP-ASI better than breast milk, and also less undestanding abotu how to give MP-ASI as well as follow the suggestion from a famliy that when the age of 4 months the child must be given a banana pulverized. The purpose of the research is to analyze the factors of knowledge, perception and social culture that affect the behaviour of mothers in feeding of MP-ASI in infants age  less than six months.
Design of this research are analytic  corelational with crossectional approach. The population are all of mother whose have a babies ages 7-12 months as many as 40 mothers. Sample taken with simple random sampling technique as much as 37 respondents. The research variable are Knowledge, perception and social culture as independent variable and behaviour of mother to providing MP-ASI as dependent variable. Data collected with a quesstionaire and tested with regrestion linier test and presented in the form of a frequency distribution table.
Regression test results obtained the value of R = 0,717 this shows the  relationship of the dependent and independent variables  are fairly strongly, where as the value of the coefficient of determinan R Square ar 0,514 or 51,4%, that’s meaning are the knowledge of MP-ASI that both can affect the behaviour of the mother in giving MP-ASI because wqith a good knowledge mother can be understand it and ho ti give MP-ASI to their child an also they can give MP-ASI appropriately. Similary to the perception, and social culture tha flourishes in the family enbvironment or society effect the behaviour of the mother.
The respondent further to enhance information about MP-ASI  to following healt education with healt officer or read a magazine or newspaper so their can be improve their knowledge about MP-ASI and the importance of complementary  breast milk
Key Words: Knowledge, Perception, Social Culture, Behaviour, MP-ASI
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