A Study among Community Living Underneath SUTET about The General Health Condition and The Electromagnetic Fields Exposures

Abstract: SUTET or the Extra High Voltage Transmission Line of 500 kV has passed through larger residential areas in the community. The aim of study is to provide the description of general health condition of community residing under SUTET in the urban poor of Jakarta and surrounding. The design of study was cross sectional, carried out among 1200 respondents which were taken stratified proportional purposively, based on zones of the electromagnetic field exposures. Data were collected through observation, interview and physical examination. The electric field and the magnetic field exposures were separately measured outside and inside the houses. The highest electromagnetic field exposures were measured at one meter height above the ground , for the electric field 3,1 kV/m. and the magnetic field 550 mA/m or 687,5.10-3µT, were identified in zone 1 0-20 ms. The magnetic field was decreasing gradually through zone 2 300mA/m and nearing zero in zone 3. Both the highest electric field and the magnetic field exposures were below the threshold values stated by SNI 2003, 5 kV/m dan 0,1 mT or 80.104 mA/m (note: 1 A/m = 1,25 µT). The highest electric field exposure was identified at one meter height from the ground 2,5 kV/m at 02.00–03.00 hours a.m and the highest magnetic field 2400 mA/m at 12.00-16.00 hours p.m. The biggest portion of houses was poor ( 30 %) were being housed for morethan 30 years. The major diseases were found similar in all zones i.e., dental diseases, myopia and hypertension.
Keywords: SUTET, zones, physical examination, 10 major diseases
Author: Corrie Wawolumaya, Djoko Darwanto
Journal Code: jpkesmasdd090110

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