Ulasan Ilmiah: Inovasi Dalam Proses Pembuatan Roti Menggunakan Perlakuan Pembekuan Untuk Menghasilkan Adonan Roti Beku

ABSTRACT: Bread has spread out over the world becoming one of main staple food for society. The regular bread making process still has some limitations which are freshness, shelf life, and contamination of microbial spoilage in long storage period. Freezing treatment in producing frozen dough is considered as a proper technique to be applied in order to overcome those some drawbacks of common bread making process. There are two types of frozen dough which are unfermented frozen dough and fermented frozen dough. This technique may give effects to the physical and chemical properties of dough, such as yeast activity, starch, water and moisture content, and the formation of ice crystal. In order to inhibit undesirable changes, it needs to put more attention on three major points, which are pre-treatments before freezing, additional ingredients, and controlling the storage condition.
Keywords: bread; frozen dough; freezing treatment; shelf life
Penulis: Virna Muhardina
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150976

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