ABSTRACT: This research was aimed to know survival rate and growth rate of coral from family of Acroporidae that transplanted at natural substrates and to know number of buds of studied Acroporidae. In order to see survival rate differences among transplanted corals, descriptive analysis using graphs was applied, while, growth rate and number of buds were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Mean percentage of transplanted Acroporidae’s survival rate was 88.89%. Absolute mean length growth of each coral transplanted Acroporidae species during this research i.e. A. nobilis had mean growth 2.47 cm, A. formosa and A. horrida were 2.41 cm, A. sarmentosa was 2.40 cm, and A. donei was 1.57 cm, whereas, mean growth at each observation, A. formosa was ranged between 0.39 – 0.51 cm/two weeks, A. horrida was 0.33 - 0.55 cm/two weeks, A. sarmentosa was 0.33 - 0.54 cm/two weeks, A donei was 0.26 - 0.31 cm/two weeks, and A. nobilis was 0.33 – 0.53 cm/two weeks. Increasing of mean bud numbers during the research for each coral species that is three buds for A. formosa, five buds of A. horrida, six buds A. Sarmentosa, nine buds of A. donei and three buds of A. nobilis. Based on results of this research, it can be recommended that natural substrate i.e. massive coral dead is suitable to be used in coral transplantation.
Keywords: Coral Transplantation, Natural substrate, Acroporidae, Barranglompo
Penulis: Abdul Haris
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd110147

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