Tingkat Kesukaan Konsumen Terhadap Kopi Campuran Robusta Dengan Arabika

ABSTRACT: Coffee is the third most consumption beverage after water and tea. The popularity of coffee as beverage makes coffee consumption becomes a habit in rural and urban communities. Arabica and robusta coffee is the most widely sell in the market. Both have distinctive characteristics, arabica has an excellent taste and high selling prices, whereas robusta has high productivity and affordable by the consument. Improving the quality and price of coffee, this study conducted robusta and arabica coffee blending and acceptance tested using the 32 respondents who are semi-skilled respondents. Hedonic test is done to see consumer acceptance of blended coffee between robusta and arabica with a ratio of 3: 1, 2: 1, 1: 1 and robusta as control. The parameters observed were color, aroma, flavor, acidity, body, after taste and overall, using a Likert scale. Respondents consisted of 59.4% men and 40.6% women, with the age range <30 years around 12.5%, 30-40 years around 40. 6% and above 40 years around 46.9%.Female respondents generally drank coffee <5 times a week, while men> 16 times a week, where the most respondents consume coffee instant. The result of hedonic test of four types of coffee served, male preferred blended coffee 3: 1 specially color, aroma and flavor. However female also prefer blended coffee 3: 1 with dominant variable color and aroma. The correlation between age and the variables especially taste and after-taste for the older male respondents increasingly like the taste of coffee served, and in contrary with the women .
Keywords: coffee; blending coffee; preference of coffee and organoleptic
Penulis: Elsera Br Tarigan, Dibyo Pranowo, Tajul Iflah
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150974

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