ABSTRACT: Territorial water of Ternate reside in the region of Fishery Management 716 (WPP-716) and has MSY about 23.919,25 tons per year, from biomass stocks about 47.838,25 tons. In this time, fish production in Ternate is under MSY, that are newly reach 10.100 - 12.500 tons every year with cakalang as main product. This condition opens opportunity to development of skipjack tuna fishing by using pole and line.   Environmental factors have significant effect to skipjack tuna fishing pH, salinitas, SPL, chlorophyll, and the wave condition, while social-economic factors have significant effect are settlement condition, fisherman earnings, and stability of price.  Invesment expense of pole and line abaut Rp 273.100.000,00, its operating expense about Rp 398.900.000,00 per year, while acceptance about Rp 652.545.500,00 per year. Skipjack tuna by using pole and line is eligible to develop in Ternate, because having NPV Rp 285.290.949, Net B/C 1,30, IRR 22,65 %, and ROI 13,50. Effort to maintain quality of skipjack tuna (RK = 0,346) and present price compete (RK = 0,246) representing two micro strategics which can used to internal correction of  skipjack tuna effort.  Macroly, development of skipjack tuna effort (pole and line) also require to be supported by repair of infrastructure (RK= 0,265) and campaign of continuation of water environment and fish habitat ( RK= 0,224).
Keywords:  skipjack tuna, pole and line, environment, strategic
Penulis: Mustaruddin, Mulyono S. Baskoro, Ateng Supriatna
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd140738

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