ABSTRACT: Teleng Ria Beach region is an area that has managed to be a tourism. Activities that can be done at this beach including surfing, fishing, swimming, sports tourism, beach recreation, and others. This study aimed to assess the suitability of ecological regions, estimate the area carrying capacity and ecological carrying capacity for beach tourism activities, knowing the perception of tourists and local people on the ecological quality of Teleng Ria beach and identify opportunities spectrum for coastal ecotourism. The combination of parameters to form a spectrum of opportunities for development in a tourism area. The results of the analysis of the suitability of entry criteria region S1 is no limiting factors are serious enough to make Teleng Ria Beach region as a tourism area. Estimation of the carrying capacity of the sandy beaches in the Teleng Ria Beach area are 250 people with the needs of the Inn at 4,17 ha of land and clean water needs of 250.000 liters per day. Ecological carrying capacity Teleng Ria Beach area is 359 people per day. Teleng Ria Beach region has a good ecological quality and beautiful natural scenery, which is sufficient to provide comfort for the tourists. The spectrum of opportunities that with the advanced coastal ecotourism potential physical parameters with no override parameters and social management.
Keywords: area carrying capacity, ecological carrying capacity, opportunity spectrum, suitability of ecology, Teleng Ria beach
Penulis: Ani Rahmawati, Santoso Rahardjo, Luky Adrianto
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd140749

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