Sieving Effect of Sorting Machine with Vibration Table Type on Cacao Pod Based Compost

Abstract: Cacao pod is the biggest part (70% of weight) of Cacao, which was not optimaly utilized.Cacao pod is one of organic material that can be functioned as an organic fertilizer, such as compost. When utilized with right proportion, organic fertilizer is safe for plants and not degrades the soil composition. Composting process is one of utilization form of Cacao pod. The size reduction of cacao pod in the organic fertilizer process would help to accelerate the composting process. Smaller particle size would faster interacting with environment, so the composting process would be well accelerated if compared to the material with bigger size. Chopping machine of Cacao pod is used to cut the biomass to be small particle in order to be able to be utilized as some important necessity, i.e. fertilizer or farm animals feed. However, Varies compost size was one of the problems faced in the composting process. Therefore, the sorting process was needed to be done after chopping process, so the compost size became uniform and fulfll the user demand. This research was aimed at knowing the slope effect of sorting machine and rotation speed (RPM). The method used in analyzing the results of this research was comparing the treatment factors, which are shown with histogram. As the super small size of compost recommended for applying in the fertilizing process, so the optimum treatment combination for having high mass fraction of SS compost grade was achieved at 12oslope of sieve table and 1400 RPM motor rotation speed. As bigger the particle densities of the compost size as smaller the compost porosity. Mass loss was very low at all treatment combination with the value around 0.43-1.33%, so the sieving effciency can be said very high.
Keyword: vibration table type, slope of sieve table, motor speed rotation (RPM)
Author: Siswoyo Soekarno, Edy Suharyanto dan Ahmad Hudi Arif
Journal Code: jppertaniandd090119

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