ABSTRACT: One of the problem in Tilapia culture is bacterial diseases, such as that caused by Aeromomas hydrophyla. Diseases management can be conducted by vaccine and antibiotic application. Probiotic, such as A3-51 offers a better alternative in diseases management since it has been proven to increase non specific immune respond in some fishes. The aims of this research were to find out the effect of duration of probiotic A3-51 application and challenging test on to immunological potency as indicated by blood profile, number of kidney macrophage and it protection level.This research was conducted experimentally applying a factorial design based on RCBD. The tested factors were the duration of probiotic A3-51 application consisted of five levels namely 0 (A), 7 days (B), 14 days (C), 21 days (D), and 28 days (E); and timing of A. hydrophila challenged test consisted of day 0 (a), 7 (b), 14 (c), 21 (d), and 28 (e).There were 25 combination of treatments with 2 replicates. Each experimental unit consisted of 5 fishes. Evaluation time points (the date of data collection) were served as Block. The results showed that duration of probiotic administration and challenged test were to increased the number of leucocytes, macrophage, erythrocyte and percentage of leucocytes. The number of leucocytes was raged from 5,700 to 77,762.5 cells/ml with a maximum number was observed from the fish given probiotic A3-51 for 14 days the challenged with A. hydrophila on day 14 (C14c14).
Keyword: Imonology; Oreochromis sp, Probiotic, Strain A3-51
Penulis: Indrawati
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd100165

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