Rekayasa Pemekaran dan Tekstur Keripik Buah Nangka Selama Penggorengan Vakum

Abstract: Rising and development also hard and crispy are the specifc characteristic of the fry product that acceptable by consumer. To produce rising and texture of the fry product according to the consumer requirement it was necessary to control process conditions, take account of characteristic and transformation of raw material during frying process. The change of volume (rising and shrinkage) and texture (hardness and crispy) are happened during frying process of food materials. Volume and texture change were predicted affected by evaporation of water and decreasing of starch content on solidity. This research is done with aim to develop model of Jackfruit texture and volume change during vacuum frying caused by decreasing of water content and starch content. As the sample of the research was used the fresh Jackfruit frying on vacuum with temperature of 70, 80, 90 and 100 OC, with frying duration of 15 to 60 minute and with vacuum pressure of 80, 85, 90 kPa. The analyses parameters were consist of volume, texture, water content, and starch content of the sample before and after frying. Result of the research shows that the higher of the temperature and pressure of the vacuum frying the lower of the starch content and water content of the jackfruit chip. The mathematical model that was developed can be used to predict the change of the jackfruit’s chip texture and volume during vacuum frying.
Keywords: jackfruit, vacuum frying, Chip, texture
Penulis: Jamaluddin, Budi Rahardjo, Pudji Hastuti, Rochmadi
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd090114

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