ABSTRACT: Investigation on the occurence of Trichodina on Fish Culture Center (FCC) in Banyumas Residence. This study was conducted in order to know the correlation between occurene (prevalence and intensity) of Trichodina with organic material and the number of total bacteria in the water. Samples of mucus that observed under microscop were collected from skin and exterior hemibranchia of 90 specimen of fishes that collected from three FCC. Samples of water quality, organic material and the number of total of bacteria in the water were taken from inlet, outlet and at the middle of Fish Culture Center. Samples of fishes collected from Tambaksogra FCC revealed a lower prevalence (76,67%) and from Pandak FCC was the higher (93,33%). Enviromental changes, exspecially alkalinity found tohave a strong influence to prevalence Trichodina, but the intensity influenced by dissolve oksigen. The number of total bacteria and organic material in the water that expressed a biological indicator was also found to have influenced the prevalence and intensity of Trichodina.This mean that Trichodina was being applicable as biological indicator of aquaculture.
Keywords: trichodina, prevalence, intensity, fish culture center
Penulis: Dewi Nugrayani, Agung Cahyo S dan Hamdan Syakuri
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd110141

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