Potensi Senyawa Bioaktif Ekstrak Kasar Bakteri Simbion Spons sebagai Anthelmintika: Sebuah Uji Pendahuluan

ABSTRACT: This study aims to observe the bacterial symbionts of sponge and determine chemical compounds profile nin the crude extract of bacterial isolates then to determine the lethal toxicity values (LC50-24 hours) as a preliminary anthelmintic test. The method consisted of the identification of gram staining, organic solvent extraction, phytochemical screening and toxicity assay by the Artemia salina LC50-24 hours. The concentration used consisted of 10 µg / ml; 100 µg / ml; 250 µg / ml; 500 µg / ml. Results showed isolate SC12 (2) C and S1-2 (1) belonging to the gram-positive where the bioactive compounds i.e. flavonoids and triterpenoids obtained from the crude extract were predominant. The minimum concentrations from toxicity tests were 35.11 µg/ml for isolate SC12(2)C and 41.2 µg/ml for S1-2 (1). The crude extract of both isolates showed potential as a anthelmintic compound with concentration LC50-24 hours <1000 mg/ml.
Keywords: Bacterial symbionts sponge, S12(2) C, S1-2 (1), Phytochemicals, toxicity, Anthelmintic
Penulis: Muhammad Reza Faisal, Mujizat Kawaroe, Fadjar Satria
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd140185

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