Potensi Rumput Laut Coklat Jenis Sargassum duplicatum yang berasal dari Perairan Menganti-Kebumen sebagai Antiagregasi Platelet

ABSTRACT: A study concerning the potential of brown seaweed of Sargassum duplicatum from Menganti beach-Kebumen as anti-platelet aggregation was investigated. Anti-platelet aggregation test performed in vitro using human blood with a Born method, is based on changes in light transmission with Adenosine Diphosphat (ADP) 10 µL added as an inductor. Tests performed on extracts and fractions of Sargassum duplicatum using positive control acetyl salicylic acid 80 mg / mL. The test results of the anti-platelet aggregation of Sargassum duplicatum extract concentration 125 µg /mL, 250 µg /mL, 500 µg /mL, n-hexane fraction 500 µg /mL, the ethyl acetate fraction 500 µg /mL, and water fraction 500 µg/mL, respectively gives a value of 4.68%, 6.77%, 11.64%, 55.51%, 52.10% and -1.55%. Whereas the positive control acetyl salicylic acid 8µug /mL give 48.49% inhibitory. based on these results it can be concluded that the fraction n-hexane of Sargassum duplicatum shows anti-platelet aggregation activity of the most optimal. Phytochemical test showed n-hexane fraction containing flavonoids, monoterpenoid, seskuiterpenoid, steroids and quinones.
Keywords: Sargassum duplicatum, Mengant, anti-platelet aggregation, ADP
Penulis: Dewanto, Siti Mutripah, Yoppi Iskandar dan Melisa Intan Barliana
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd130232

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