ABSTRACT: Mangosteen is one seeded fruit commodities Banten Province which has a high sales value. Pandeglang Regency is one of the mangosteen-producing areas are quite large in Banten Province. The purpose of this study to identify the characteristics of farmers and problems faced mangosteen mangosteen growers and farmers want to know the level of competence of mangosteen (knowledge, attitudes and skills) through the Field School of the mangosteen seed multiplication by seed. Research locations in District Mandalawangi, Menes, Bojong, and Picung Pandeglang. The study sample was taken deliberately with a sample of 40 people were taken 10 farmers mangosteen mangosteen farmer representatives in each sub-district. Methods of research conducted through focus group discussions and field school and spread the questionnaire pre-test and post-test to measure competency improvement mangosteen farmers. Based on the results of the study characteristics mangosteen farmers based casement general education Elementary School, Age farmers generally 44-64 years, the number of mangosteen tree farmer who owned less than 100 trees, long to farm mangosteen generally less than 10 years, the income received from hasal harvest mangosteen less from Rp. 5,000,000, and the amount of crop harvest per tree mangosteen ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 quintals per tree. The problems experienced by farmers mangosteen ie yellow sap disease, small fruit size, spots on fruit, fruit size is not uniform, and the mangosteen seed multiplication of seeds takes a long and difficult search for mangosteen seeds. Given the huge potential of the mangosteen fruit and promising market, the necessary extension of cultivation increas farmers’ income mangosteen.
Keywords: adoption, mangosteen, field  school
Penulis: Asih Mulyaningsih, Imas Rohmawati, Suherna
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150821

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