Pengembangan Sistem Pemantauan dan Peringatan Dini Parameter Lingkungan Mikro dalam Rumah Kaca Berdasarkan Pendekatan Logika Fuzzy Berbasis Teknologi Short Message Services (SMS)

Abstract: Farmers in the tropics also has many cultivated plants in the greenhouse. Excess plants cultivated in the greenhouse produced plants will look cleaner because the dirt and protected from rain water. Plant growth will be faster because the micro environmental conditions in a greenhouse can be controlled and the plants will be protected from pests and diseases. Failure due to an automatic system caused by the electric source, or non-functioning of a particular sensor equipment will result in the cultivation process control becomes disrupted. It required a system capable of monitoring several parameters of the greenhouse in order to be anticipating a quick action to ensure the cultivation process goes smoothly. The objective of this research was to develop monitoring systems and early warning microenvironment parameters of plants in the greenhouse by fuzzy logic approach and short messaging services (SMS) technologybased. SMS technology was selected because it was available in all type mobile phone, easy to use, equitable access network in Indonesia, and low operational costs. The average value of the accuracy of the temperature parameters using training data was 96.17% and using validation data was 96.75%, while the humidity parameters using training data obtained by an average of 92.96% and using validation data was 94.06%. Long service to deliver message in monitoring system between same mobile phone operator for the temperature parameters was 32.30 seconds, and for humidity was 30.32 seconds, while the average service early warning system parameters was 12.96 seconds for temperature and for humidity was 13:22 seconds. These results were much better than previous studies which have an average service time 2 minutes.
Keywords: SMS, fuzzy logic, greenhouse, early warning system
Penulis: Mohamad Solahudin dan Rena Nurista
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd090116

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