ABSTRACT: Serang City was a new town founded in 2007 from Serang Region. Food policy as a new city was indispensable, particularly on food security. The current concept of food security is sustainable food security supported with the Food Security Trilogy namely food availability, access, and utilization. On the other hand, the transient food security aspect could be used to complete the sustainable food security. The purpose of this research was to identify the Serang City districs based on the degree of food security because of Serang food security map absentcy. Food security at the level of districts was described by using an index of food security that was a sum of weight multiplication obtained from the principle component analysis (PCA) on the both sustainable and trainsient food security trilogy indicators. The food secure district sequence was Kasemen, Cipocok Jaya, Walantaka, Curug, Serang, and Taktakan respectively. The six districts were then analyzed using cluster analysis to classify the similar districts based on the degree of food security. The cluster analysis results were validated using consensus clustering that produced a heatmap with three numbers of optimum clusters. The first cluster was food secure districts that were Kasemen, Curug and Walantaka, the second cluster was food moderate secure districts namely Taktakan, and Cipocok Jaya, and the third cluster was only Serang District that was in food insecurity.
Keywords: cluster, heatmap, PCA, mapping, food security
Penulis: Weksi Budiaji
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150815

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