Penentuan Spot Penangkapan Ikan Layang (Decapterus sp.) Berdasarkan Parameter Oseanografi di Perairan Kabupaten Barru Sulawesi Selatan

Abstract: This research was conducted to study the problems of determining the fishing ground of Layang fish (Decapterus sp.) in Barru sea. This research aims to determine the relationship between oceanographic parameters such as temperature, current speed and salinity waters to Layang fish(Decapterus sp.). The research was conducted at Barru sea in March-June 2012 with retrieving data on oceanographic parameters at Barru sea and catches. Field data such as temperature data, salinity and current velocity processed using SPSS 17 by using a regression model. Statistical test showed that the salinity effect to Layang fish (Decapterus sp.) catches.
Key Words: Layang fish (Decapterus sp.), Barru sea, oceanographic factors, statistical tests, salinity
Penulis: Bonny Lantang
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd130234

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