ABSTRACT: The objective of the research was to determine about information the choice of selection criteria on chile varieties assembly in peatland. The research usedRandomized Block Design (RBD) consisted of 20 treatments with three replications. The treatment consisted of 20 genotypes of chili that is genotype C2, C120, C51, C111, C105, C117, C118, C157, C159, F5110005-91-13-5, F5110005-91-13-12, F8002005-2-9-12-1, C140, C5, C18, C19, C143, F512005- 5-11-1, C145 and C160. The data were analyzed by analysis of variance, further test DNMRT at 5% level and Pearson’s correlation. Parameters observed were: the age of flower appearance, height dichotomous, plant height, stem diameter, canopy width, leaf length, leaf width, age of harvest, fruit length, fruit stalk length, fruit diameter, weight per fruit and weight of fruit per plant. The results showed that there is a positive correlation between the parameters of weight per fruit, fruit length, fruit stalk length, leaf width and leaf length to weight of fruit per plant.C143 is a genotype that has the highest value of weight per fruit. Genotype C111 has the highest value of fruit lenght and fruit stalk length. Genotype C51 has the highest value of leaf width and genotype F5110005-91-13-12 has the highest value of leaf length.
Keyword: Chili, Selection, Correlation, Peatland
Penulis: Harry Sugestiadi, Nurbaiti dan Deviona
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd140809

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