Pembuatan Bubuk Asam Sunti melalui Optimasi Suhu dan Lama Pengeringan

Abstract: Asam sunti is a fermented bilimbi of Acehnese used as with sour taste and specific aroma. The aim of this research was to study the production of asam sunti powder by optimatization of drying temperature and time. The study used completed random design with two factors (drying temperature and time) and three repetition. Parameter analyzed were chemical and sensory characteristics including water content, Vitamin C, pH, color and taste. The best treatment was Obtained by drying temperature of 50oC and drying time of 8 h with water content of 4, 43%, pH of 1, Vitamin C of 49,28 mg, taste of  0,41 and color of 1,5.
Keywords: Aceh; asam sunti powder; bilimbi; drying temperature and time
Penulis: Faidha Rahmi
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150774

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