Pemanfaatan Pelepah Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guenensisjacq.) Sebagai Bahan Baku Pembuatan Briket Arang

Abstract: Midribof palm oilis one of thewasteoil palm plantationthat have notbeen used.Midrib of the coconut palm has a huge potential to be used as raw material for the manufacture of charcoal briquettes. Midrib of palm oil will be processed more intensively so that would be expected to reduce petroleum consumption. Charcoal is a porous solids containing 85-95% carbon produced from materials containing carbon by heating at high temperature. Utilization ofmidrib of palm oilasthe manufacture ofcharcoalbriquettescanbe usedtoreplaceconventionalfuelsscarceinits availabilityin nature, so the charcoal briquettes with palmmidribrawmaterialscanbe usedas analternative fuel. Making charcoal starting from preparation of raw materials, carbonization, size reduction, mixingwithadhesive, printing, drying, andtesting, withthreedifferent treatments arethe treatmentsof charcoalwithnonsieveflour, flourtreatmentpulverizedcharcoalwith50meshsieve, and charcoal powder treatments moothed with a70meshsieve. Tests on charcoalbri quettesreferto theSNI.
Keywords: Midrib of oil palm, Charcoal briquettes, treatment, SNI
Penulis: Muhammad Yusuf, Rudianda Sulaeman, Evi Sribudiani
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd140727

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