Optimasi Konsentrasi Pelilinan dan Suhu Penyimpanan Buah Manggis dengan Menggunakan Metode Respon Surface

Abstract: Post-harvest handling is less precise cause of most of mangosteen can not be maintained quality after harvest. This research is expected to give information a waxing combination and the optimum temperature to maintain the quality of mangosteen. Response Surface Method (RSM) was used to create a mathematical model of the influence of temperature and waxing concentration combined treatment. The experiment was done using the CCD (Central Composite Design) with storage temperature treatment (X1) 6OC, 8OC, 13OC, 18OC, 20OC and waxing concentration (X2) 4%, 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 11%. Quality response that were observed were the frmness and total soluble solid (TSS) value.The results showed that of the two quality parameters, TSS is the best response for analysis using RSM with R2 values of 69.3% and lack of ft for 0.093. Mathematical model influence of temperature and waxing TSS response is Y = 16.4600 - 0.9268X1 - 0.0561X2 + ε. The model produce the plot surface shaped saddle point with optimum value at 18OC storage temperature and wax concentration of 7.5%, meaning that in those circumstances the changes in TSS value is minimum during self life.
Keywords: mangosteen,response surface method, waxing and storage temperature
Penulis: Andriani Lubis, Emmy Darmawati, dan Sutrisno
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd090113

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