ABSTRACT: This study aims to determine the right type of feed during the transition to the larvae feed or age-14 days so as to increase the growth and survival of  featherfin squeaker (Synodontis eupterus) larvae.The larvae had average length of 0,67 cm with average weight of 0,003 g derived  from Research and Development  Instituted  of Ornamental  fish, Depok,West Java. The larvae were fed ad satiation  with Artemia sp. and Tubifex sp. The results indicated that the highest specific growth rate of larvae fed with Tubifex sp. three times a day reach 22,47 ± 2,93%. Highest survival rate of featherfin squeaker  larvae with Artemia sp. three times a day reach 99,56 ± 0,77%.  Based  on the analysis of variance showed that the different feeding significantly (P<0,05) on the specific growth rate of featherfin squeaker larvae and not significant (P>0,05) on survival of featherfin squeaker larvae. Tubifex sp. has a high nutrient content,  easy to digest, and a distinctive fishy smell so  it was  able  of  attracting  larvae  to  consume  and  increase  the growth of featherfin squeaker larvae.
Keywords: Artemia sp., featherfin squeaker larvae, growth, survival rate, Tubifex sp.
Penulis: Dodi Hermawan, Mustahal, Asep Permana, Leliana Junitasari
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150822

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