ABSTRACT: Sapuregel is a river located in East Pelawangan Area Segara Anakan, Cilacap. This river become good live habitat for benthos animal, one of them was Diopatra spp. worm. Diopatra spp. worm by society used as bait in fishing and natural fool for fish and shrimp. This research that ”Density and Biomass of Diopatra spp. Worm along Sapuregel River Segara Anakan, Cilacap”. This research had been done at April until Mei 2007. The aim of this research are to know density and biomass of Diopatra spp. worm. also relation density biomass of Diopatra spp. worm between station. A survey was done by Group Random Sampling. Research location is divided into five stations according to difference of environment condition. Each stations collected nine points randomly of three times with time interval of 1 week. And then the data were analysed by F test and Correlation Regression test. Research result showed that density of Diopatra spp. worm in station I, II, III, IV and V were 5, 22, 10, 18 and 10 ind/m2, with high density Diopatra spp. worm in station II and low density in station I. Biomass in station I, II, III, IV and V were 11,59; 60,61; 24,46; 53,61 and 31,68 g/m2, with high biomass Diopatra spp. worm in station II and low biomass in station I. F test result shows that there was significant differences between stations based on density and biomass. Result of regression test of density and biomass between station showed positive correlation and thigh correlation with value of 95,93% means that higher density value then their biomass value also higher.
Keywords: Diopatra spp., density, biomass, Sapuregel River
Penulis: Asrul Sahri Siregar, Purnama Sukardi dan Nuraina Andriyani
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd120293

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