Karakteristik Fisikokimia Mie Kering Berbasis Pati Ubi Jalar Varietas Lokal Dengan Menggunakan Metode Heat Moisture Treatment

Abstract: The effects of heat moisture treatment (110°C) and pretreatment on the physicochemical properties of sweet potato dried-noodles starch based were investigated. Completely randomized design was performed which arranged by two-factor. The first factor is noodles consist of native starch and treated starch (heat moisture treatment). The second factor is a type of sweet potato local varieties which consists of three levels: orange, purple and cream flesh color, respectively. Native starch and treated starch treatment showed significant effect on water content, protein and carbohydrate/fiber. Water absorption and cooking loss of dried noodle is highly different between native (non-HMT) and treated starch (HMT).
Keywords: sweet potato starch; heat-moisture treatment; starch dried-noodle
Penulis: Zaidiyah, Lukmanul Hakim, Anshar Patria, Ismail Sulaiman
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150777

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