ABSTRACT: The research was aimed to know the main agro-morphological characters of Jatropha curca L. as a basic material selection population used in plant breeding program,  as well as  for clone description, parent selection, seed certification, etc. The research was conducted at Cadasari field research station, Pandeglang, Banten province. The material of the research consist of 21 accessions came from Balai Panelitian Aneka Tanaman Pakuwon Sukabumi collection. The treatment was arranged by randomized compeletely block design in two replications. The characters observation focused on width, length, and number of leaf, length stalk,   number of bud, length  of bud, plant height, number of branch, age of plant to initially flowering. Result show that (a) the agro-morphological character was different inter accession on number, length of leaf and age of plant to initially flowering. (b)the less leaf accession were BT-1, BT-1, LP-3, JT-4, BT-3, and LP-2. But the more leaf accession were  BNW5, JT2 dan JT7. (c) the narrow leaf accession were BT-1, BT-2, LP-3, JT-4, BT-3 dan LP-2. But the broad lef accession was JT-6. (d) the late initially flowering accession (over six months after planting date) were BNW-5, JT-2 dan JT-7.(d) accepted seven cluster taxonomy relationship at 17.79.
Keywords: agromorphology, character, Jatropha curcas L
Penulis: Sahiral Yakub, Kartina AM, Sulastri Isminingsih
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd130443

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