Kajian Perubahan Mutu Selama Penyimpanan Dan Pendugaan Umur Simpan Keripik Ikan Beledang Dalam Kemasan Polypropylene Rigid

Abstract: This research aims to determine the quality changes during storage and shelf life of beledang fish chips in rigid polypropylene packaging. Observation of quality based on the moisture content and total microbes were done on 0 and 30th days at 25°C, 30°C and 35°C with 3 replicates at each storage temperature. Shelf life prediction of beledang fish chips based on moisture content changes at 25oC, 30oC dan 35oC was measured using Arrhenius Model. The result shows that there is a change in water content and total microbes in beledang fish chips during storage. At storage temperature of 35oC, the chips have moisture content changes and total microbes on the 30th day of storage which are 4% and 10 x 104Cfu. The shelf life of beledang fish chips in polypropylene rigid packaging at storage temperature of 25oC, 30oC and 35oC is 9 months 28 days, 10 months 3 days, and 10 months 8 days respectively.
Keywords: total microbes; shelf life; Arrhenius model; beledang fish chips; polipropylene
Penulis: Yessy Rosalina, Evanila Silvia
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150972

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