Hydraulical Approach in Designing of Proportional Division Structures in Traditional Irrigation Schemes

Abstract: To disribute water in equal and adequate ways among the farmers, farmers have been using a proportional division structure for years. The constrtuction of the structure is made of wood or stone with the notchs in rectangular form in part of its upper side. Its performance criterion estabilished by pertinient famers i.e. the notch width has to be proportional to the size of its command area. From hydraulic point of view, however, the unreliability of these structures can be occurred and it was estimated that their performance criteria not only depend on the notch width but also the other hydraulic design criteria. The objectives of this research are: (i) to comprehend the dependence of performance of a proportional division structure on hydraulic design criteria, (ii) to know relationships between the discharge of structure and the hydraulic design criteria. Result of experiment indicated that the performance of a proportional division structure not only depend on notch width but also the other hydraulic design criteria in common. In general, there were the relationships between discharge of a notch and the hydraulic design criteria including notch width, thickness and surface roughness of the structure, and deviation angle of channel where the structure to be located.
Keywords: traditional Irrigation system, proportional devision structure, physical model, dimension analysis
Author: M. Hasan Yahya
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd090115

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