Efktifitas Prebiotik terhadap Pertumbuhan Total Populasi Mikroflora saluran Pencernaan Ikan Mas dan Deposisi Lemaknya

Abstract: To preserve feed with enough energy has become important in aquaculture industry. A functional feed hold promises in replacing antibiotic to increase feed efficiency. Prebiotic is one of functional feed which enhance the gut microbes. It was widely known that gut microflora hold an important position as exogenous enzyme producers to the host. This study accomplished with four pellet treatments which contains feed with antibiotic and prebiotics. The microflora population were determined by MRSA (in Vivo) and the fish were reared for 6 weeks. The major parameter were gut microflora population (cfu/ml) and lipid deposition as the form of feed energy. The result showed that pellet with prebiotic has high performance on gut microflora and lipid deposition, which concluded has better feed efficiency.
Penulis: Sanjayasari, D, D.A Astuti, R. Afandi
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd120298

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