Analisis Spasial Potensi Bencana Alam Di Wilayah Pesisir Kabupaten Bengkalis

Abstract: Natural disaster is natural activities has threatened and disrupt human life. Natural disasters in Coastal area are Tsunami, high tide, abrasion, sedimentation and erosion. The aim of this research is to know factors causing abrasion and high tide, mapping of abrasion and high tide potency, create mitigation of disaster in coastal zone is caused by abrasion and high tide. The methods of this research are (1) mapping with SPOT 5 used arc view and arc info software and (2) survey with one stage cluster method. The result of this research were (1) factors caused abrasion and high tide in bengkalis residence were : the bathymetry of bengkalis aquatic have deepest were 1 – 25 m, tidal wave reached until 3.1 m, sea current reached until 9 – 39 cm/second, sea wave reached until 2 m, land use in bengkalis regency showed that the forest condition were secondary forest, and from the critical condition of coastal ecosystem in bengkalis showed from 75.761 ha of mangrove ecosystem is found 43.169 ha (high degraded) and 28.391 ha (degraded). (2) Potency of abrasion in bengkalis regency reached 2.238 ha. (3) High tide in bengkalis regency reached 87 point area. (4) To mitigate of hazard in coastal zone had been done by reclamation with water break building and rehabilitation of mangrove forest.
Keywords: Hazard, abrasion, high tide, mangrove, coastal, bengkalis
Penulis: Endang Hilmi
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd090115

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