Adopsi Inovasi Alat Pengering Ikan Kayu di Desa Nelayan Lampulo Banda Aceh

ABSTRACT: Dried fish or Keumamah is one of traditional food in Aceh, which mainly processed in coastal areas, Lampulo Banda Aceh. This location is a central of fisherman villages where abundant of sea production located as well as the place for fish handling and processed. The aims of this study was to expand the shelf life and quality of dried fish as one of ended fish products by investigate the suitable adoption and innovation of tool dyer used. Therefore the design and assembly of the dryer was based and compromised on the conditions, production capacity of Lampulo fisherman. Dryer were made from wood, acrylic ad heater, where the design was home-alike, with acrylic roofs, and wall of steel to have clear visual and permit sun thoroughly to the drying products. The results were innovated three types of dryer; Greenhouse Effect; Greenhouse effect-Hybrid and Heat Transfer Drying. These three types of dryer worked base on green house system, using the solar power and clean weather for drying the products. Based on field observation, it turned out that the dyer was very effective at sunny and bright day, but only the greenhouse effect gained to vaporize the moisture content up to 70% at 40⁰C, where the hybrid and heat tunnel dryer are below. Using this dyer help fisherman to maintain cleanliness, sanitation of drying process and finalize with good quality product.
Keyword: dried fish, dryer, green house, solar power, traditional food
Penulis: Ismail Sulaiman, Farid Mulana, Susi Chairani, Syafruddin
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150772

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