ABSTRACT: Depression disorder is the most kind of mental disorder. During this periode the therapy which done  at  sakura  room  of  Banyumas  public  hospital  for  mental  disorder  patients  is  ECT, phycofarmaca  and  the  aerobic  exercise.  The  cognitive  therapy  is  applied  to  depression patients  which  has  more  advantages.  It  is  cheaper  and  more  practical.  This  study  aimed  to examine the effect of cognitive therapy restructuritation in decreasing depression score of the mental disorder patient of Banyumas public hospital. This study used quasi experimental with series  experiment  or  time  series  design.  Total  sampling  was  applied.  A  total  of  twenty  nine depression patients in Sakura room were studied. Dependent t-test was applied to analize the data. The mayority of the age respondent between 16-24 years old. The male was fewer than female. The single status was more than the marriage status. The mayority of education  were junior high school and the minority are DIII. The average of depression score after treated by cognitive therapy: once cognitive restructuritation was be decrease and after twice treated by this therapy more be decrease again. The cognitive therapy : cognitive restructuritation has a significant effect   to decrease depression score of the mental disorder patients of Banyumas public  hospital.  Two  times  cognitive  therapy  was  more  effective  than  once  therapy.  The cognitive therapy: cognitive restructuritation has a significant  effect  to decrease dep ression score of mental disorder patients.
Keyword: Cognitive therapy, depression score
Penulis: Wening Marsudi Astuti, Made Sumarwati, Tulus Seyiono
Kode Jurnal: jpkeperawatandd100001

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